Domains & URL’s

What about domains? Obviously, your business needs one or two or three…. but more important is the question of finding the right domain. – Is that the best url for you?

How about Or perhaps

How do you choose how to brand your company online and is the domain name the first step in online branding?

You see, we love getting these questions from our clients.

It is always preferable to that first meeting where we are told, “Here is our domain name Please make it a winner!”

We are not here to sell domain names, hosting plans or anything else for that matter! Our services usually sell themselves.  As such, we hate having to ‘un-sell’ you on a name you picked. Clients don’t like to hear their brilliant 17-letter URL is not ideal.

So you might ask –

What is the ideal URL?

What domain should I use for my business?

Fantastic Question!

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*Domains, branding & design are also discussed in our section on Website Strategy

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