Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

Web Strategy: Pay Per Click Advertising

Question: What is the fastest way to get your site in front of potential customers?
If you said Search Engine Optimization or Social Media, you’ll need to guess again!

PPC advertising is by far the quickest way to gain immediate and targeted traffic to your site in order to gain new customers for your business. However, it is also the quickest way to drain your advertising budget!

PPC, or Pay Per Click, means you are bidding for each search engine to post your advertisement in their results, based on the keywords you specify. It is imperative to bid not only on the right keywords but for the right areas and times with optimized ads for your business.

PPC is a moving target….

There is no set it and forget it in pay-per-click advertising – unless of course you have an unlimited budget with no ideal ROI (return on investment). Each keyword, ad and campaign must be monitored, analyzed and optimized for the ideal return.

At WebDSE, research always comes first. Aside of learning how & why your competitors are succeeding online, we show you how they are doing it and how we will help you outperform them. We take the time to create effective campaigns that are based on your goals and then closely monitor their performance. We will tweak, adjust, split test and do everything in our power to provide you with a PPC campaign that generates the best leads for your business, at the lowest possible cost.

Pay Per Click Benefits

The value or return of operating a keyword sponsorship campaign is far greater than the investment and more cost-effective than any other traditional forms of advertising.
Some of the specific advantages in having us manage your campaigns are:


  • No limit on the number of keywords that you want to cover
  • Lowest marketing investment achieving the highest return
  • Conversion of potential clients into paying clients & customers
  • Limit your visitors & costs by geographical targeting
  • Protection from fraudulent clicks and overcharges
  • We accommodate a wide range of advertising budgets
  • No minimum spending requirements – ever

Our Focus: Google, Yahoo & Bing

For most SEO campaigns, Google is our primary focus. Google and their pay-per-click advertising product, Google Adwords provides consistent returns for well-designed campaigns.

Our clients have also experienced success with our campaigns targeting Microsoft’s Bing as well as with campaigns focused on Yahoo search results.

These three firms are the leaders in their field and provide positive returns on focused campaigns. They use countless affiliate engines, content partners and keyword marketing placement throughout the Internet – for your success.

If you are ready for immediate traffic to your site and your business offerings, call us toll-free at (888) 666-7564 or contact us online.

We are ready to help you develop a quality, targeted pay per click campaign today.

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