Research & Keywords

Data Driven Research – Keywords, Phrases, Locations & More

Every WebDSE project starts with research. Identifying your competitors and their levels of success online is a huge first step. We also focus on locating the keywords your target audience is using to search for products or services. It is a crucial step of any optimization process.

To generate a high return on investment, you have to reach the right audience. We help you choose the best keywords based on search frequency and relevance to your website. Carefully targeting your site, your SEO efforts and any online campaign from the start will lead to greater success in the future.


A Targeted Campaign

All the traffic in the world won’t mean a thing if your visitors don’t convert to customers. The best keyword research isn’t about identifying the terms and phrases that have the highest search volume, it’s about locating and targeting your potential customers and clients. It is always tempting to go for high-volume keywords, however, the right long-tail terms can provide a much higher return for your time & money.

Keyword Difficulty & Persistence

While it may be easy to rank for some keywords, others might require a long-term approach. Assessing keyword difficulty is an integral part of our SEO strategy as it can define the time needed to start seeing the rankings you want and need. The right strategy, proper execution and a fair amount of persistence will pay off in the end for those big keywords. In the shorter term, we also want to focus on those other opportunities that may provide a better return in smaller time frame.

Understanding Various Types of Keywords & Reports

Our initial client evaluation goes beyond the typical list of keyword reports. We are happy to educate our clients and spend a great deal of time explaining online marketing and important internet concepts. However, we never seek to overwhelm or even bore our clients with acronyms, marketing phrases and unusable reports. For those who want to know more about some of the areas we analyze to produce our reports, below is a breakdown of some of those phrases and acronyms.

Total Searches – Average number of people who search for this keyword daily.
SEO Traffic (SEOT) – The maximum potential DAILY clicks that a #1 ranked site for this keyword term could potentially achieve.
Phrase-to-Broad (PBR) – The percentage of phrase-match searches out of broad-match searches for this keyword.
Trends – Indicates monthly traffic trends for a particular keyword


Adwords Traffic (AWT) – The total DAILY traffic (clicks) that a #1 ranked Google Advertiser for a keyword might expect to receive from their ads.
Adwords CTR (AWCTR) – The percentage of people who click on the #1 ranked advertiser in Google (AWT) as a percentage of total traffic for a keyword.
Adwords CPC (AWCPC) – An indication of what you might expect to pay to be the #1 ranked advertiser for a particular keyword in Google.

SEO Comp (SEOC) – The Total number of web pages GLOBALLY that mention a specific keyword term, in the same (phrase) word order, in Google’s index.
Title Comp (SEOTC) – The total number of web pages GLOBALLY that mention all of the words in a keyword term in the title of the page.
Title/Comp (SEOTCR) – This is the ratio of SEOTC to SEOC. A low score can indicate weak competition in a market.
Adwords Advertisers (AWA) – The total number of Google ads being displayed for a keyword.
Adwords Comp (AWC) – Represents the number of advertisers bidding on a keyword (worldwide), and how this compares to other keywords.

OCI – An indicator of the chances that someone searching for a keyword is looking to buy as opposed to browsing for information.
Adwords Value (AWV) – The total daily value of traffic (and also the cost) a #1 ranked Google Adwords advertiser might expect to receive if advertising for a keyword. (AWV = AWT x AWCPC)
SEO Value (SEOV) – The total value of traffic that a web site that ranked #1 for a keyword in Google. Its value is as an indicator of the value of a keyword market. (SEOV = SEOT x AWCPC)


Here is the real question: Ready to learn all of this yourself? Or would you prefer to focus on your business?

Contact us today and schedule a free project consultation – let us handle your online needs while you focus on what matters most – your business and your customers.

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