Why WebDSE?

There are many firms that offer web design, SEO, social media management, pay-per-click management, etc. Their primary focus, however, is on what they can sell to you.

We start with questions – not answers.

All client meetings start with learning about you & your business.

What are your goals for the next six months? How do you see your business online? What type of return do you need for every dollar invested online? What is your understanding of pay per click marketing? What sort of experiences have you had with web marketing? What does your business look like in five years?

These early Q & A sessions allow us to learn more about your needs while allowing prospective clients to learn from our experience and ask us questions as well.

Being a referral-based business, the majority of our clients came from a trusted source – both for them and for us. Clients that have found us through their own networks and research have stated that trust began in that first meeting.

Six Reasons Why Clients Say Those Chose WebDSE

1. Trust – No false promises, no SEO guarantees, no flashy sales people and no pushiness & constant up-selling

2. Quality – From our initial proposal to your first site draft to your professionally managed social media presence, clients receive the highest quality work and of course, #6 – results.

3. Affordable – Each client has different needs and goals. Similarly, each business has certain volumes and supported margins. We cater every proposal to your needs, your goals and your budgets. Our clients have stated that our rates are usually lower than they expected and that further, they would have paid more if we asked! Why don’t we? Referrals – the majority of our clients come from other clients.

4. Attention to Detail – All projects start with research – not just questions asked of you but our research involves checking your competition, conducting in-depth keyword research, monitoring trends in search & in social media and ensuring that any work completed by us is done in order and with meticulous execution.

5. Personal Service – Whether you are an attorney, a dentist, a psychologist or an entrepreneur looking to launch a new product, you will receive personal attention from our staff through in-person meetings, follow-up phone calls, emails and notifications.

6. Results – Most of our clients come back for additional services and continue to rely on us for pay-per-click management and advanced search engine optimization. Why – because we deliver.


Ready to take your business online? Ready to explore the power of internet marketing? Schedule an in-person meeting with us today.

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